Our lighting system is designed in such a way that during the evenings, all public area lights, which include lights in lobby and restaurants, go on Dimming Mode, Thanks GEM Lights

Mr. Justin James

Calculated dosage of the use of colours and various kinds of shades further help enhance the impact of light. “After consultations with various experts in the field, we have installed state-of-the-art lighting systems of this sort throughout our hotel

Mr. Abishek C Nair

Most of our lighting system is connected to the building management system through which all operations related to lighting is controlled. Our external façade lights and their orientation are designed in such a way that light does not disturb guests,” articulated Singh.“We have some fantastic lights in our hotel, starting from the lobby where we have some very good set of lamp shades and lights. We have six outlets and each of in-house restaurants has a set of lighting system that enhances its ambience and reflects its distinguished moods. The lighting system used throughout the hotel has a mix of contemporary to select antique designs, depending on the type of restaurant, room, banquet venue, etc. Most of the work areas and the rooms have LED(light-emitting diode) lighting systems,

Mr. Sachidhanandan

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